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Already last year we invested in new production facilities and more efficient forms of organization. Find out in our new newsletter how Fecken-Kirfel wants to continue on its path in the current year and which appointments are moreover planned for 2018.

At the end of March, the last of two new systems will be started up in our modern new robot centre. With robot animation and leaner work processes, we accelerate the production and ensure an even more efficient and smooth operation.

You can also read how to process long blocks to roll goods without marks and wrinkles with our Loop H 32 LF machine without any interruption. More efficient, thanks to a well-thought-out winding technique and an improved gluing station with extremely little workforce.

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Splitting and winding up long blocks nonstop in the Loop

Fully automatic and with many extras, the bandknife splitting machine H 32 LF Loop is suitable for the economical processing of long blocks to roll goods. With the cutting unit integrated in a loop frame, the machine splits material such as flexible PU foam in a particularly efficient and economical way - with consistent and high precision all over the entire long block. Particularly interesting: By means of a laterally positioned wind up device one only person can carry out the roll change in just about 30 seconds without stopping the block. Thanks to a unique new gluing station, now only one person can glue the block ends together much faster than before.

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New robot twisting and milling centre for more efficient and faster production

At the end of April 2018, Fecken-Kirfel will finish the construction of a second new modern centre with robot automation, with the aim of working even more powerful and efficiently in the field of twisting and milling. The first of two systems was already delivered and started up in the late summer of last year. The startup of the second system is imminent. In this way the two new centres will gradually replace one vertical twisting and milling cell as well as two CNC twisting devices.

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Also in 2018 the focus is on Industry 4.0

Fecken-Kirfel was innovative and successful in many areas last year. New production lines and more efficient forms of organization contribute to leaner and thus more economical processes in production and service. In 2018 Fecken-Kirfel will continue on its path towards Industry 4.0 with further investments, participation in research projects and international trade fairs.

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