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"Robi" is the name of the new colleague in the production hall and he is very much appreciated by the staff. By means of a new tower and a gripper exchange system, he processes all orders accurately, extremely fast and above all autonomously. An employee reports about the collaboration with "Robi", the robot and the raising efficiency thanks to the automated all-round solution in the fabrication.

The fabrication is also the topic in our second article in this newsletter edition: Fecken-Kirfel does not only produce high-precision cutting machines, but also manufactures all important components on his own, ensuring an inhouse production rate of more than 90%. You will learn which advantages this will have for our company and especially for our cutomers.

In a new series we're presenting you the development of the different lines of our machines. We start the success story of the Fecken-Kirfel machines with the splitting and stacking machines of the S-line.You can read how the splitting and stacking machines became more and more efficient and precise with every development stage and at the same time more user-friendly.

With this newsletter we say good bye to you until the end of the year and we wish you a peaceful Christmas season and a happy New Year.

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Automated overall solution in production

In spring 2018, the last of the two new lathe and turning machines with robotic automation centers had started work at Fecken-Kirfel. At the beginning of September, a new tower system was added. With the automated complete solution, employees can better plan and carry out the work processes for manufacturing the parts for the cutting machines. Employee Christian Rotheut reports on the work with his new "colleague".

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Flexible, independent and reliable, thanks to a high level of production depth

Cutting machines from Fecken-Kirfel work precisely and reliably. This is also due to the high production depth when producing the machines. Since the foundation of our company, we design, manufacture and assemble all machines at our location in Aachen. From the bandknife to the cutting unit, almost all components of the machines are manufactured in our own production halls.

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The evolutution of the Fecken-Kirfel machines

Fecken-Kirfel's variety of machines contains nowadays more than fifty models which are classified into different lines. Through the years, the individual lines were developped continuously in close collaboration with the customers. In our new series you can read how the machines became even more efficient and more precise with every development stage and more user-friendly at the same time. Starting with the spltting and stacking machines of the S-line, we're presenting you the success story of the Fecken-Kirfel machines. Since 60 years, the carousel splitting and stacking machines of the S-line cut foam blocks efficiently, economically and fully automatically - also in extreme thin layers.

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