Missed the FK Conference 2020? No problem!

Three days of FK-Conference, three days of lectures and good conversations – even if only virtually. Many thanks to all participants. We were really pleased with the response, your interest, your questions and the good discussions! You have motivated us to continue to provide you with exciting information in the future.

You missed the lectures of the FK Conference at the beginning of December 2020? Do you cut flexible foam, solid plastics such as rubber and neoprene, rigid foam or cork? Are you interested in the process of optimization and in new market opportunities in the upholstered furniture industry, mattress production, the packaging industry, the automotive supply industry, the construction industry or medical technology?

You can still take advantage of the lectures of the FK Conference. Find out how you can benefit from our latest machine and software solutions. 

Our experts will be happy to present the highlights of the product development to you personally. Just send us an e-mail and we will contact you immediately. 


Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Fabienne Vanderlick 
Sales and Marketing Assistant 
Phone: +49 241 - 18 202 421 

E-mail: fvanderlick@fecken-kirfel.de 

  • Roll goods - new possibilities, new developments.

    Whatever size your production volume, whether block or cylinder, we present the whole range of solutions for manufacturing roll goods. 

    You can look forward to the special highlights for splitting and winding a long block in the small spaces with a movable cutting unit. 

    Our looper can also be used to convert visco and supersoft foams. Other highlights will include the efficient and ergonomic winding system and the automatic unloading of the bottom sheet.

    Other new features will also be presented.

  • All about stacking, now also for thin technical foam sheets

    Splitting and stacking is usually a labor-intensive process. Each sheet has to be taken off and stacked manually. Alongside our existing stacking machines, we have now developed an automated stacking device: the A8. With this new tool, Fecken-Kirfel offers a solution that fits the requirements of a virtually automatic process in combination with our H24 type splitting machines.

    The new stacking device is perfectly suited to processing cellular rubber, PE sheets and thin layers from 1 mm, as well as light and highly flexible sheets. 

    And while we are on the subject of stacking, we will also be presenting the other solutions from Fecken-Kirfel: mattress cores, heavy sheets of recycled foam or rubber and semi-rigid sheets for automotive headliners. There is always a solution, whatever you cut and stack.

    Lars Nelles

    Lars Nelles
    Sales & Marketing Manager

    +49 241 - 18 202 - 419
  • Efficient production (planning and control) of the cutting equipment with FK-ONE

    The FK Order Navigation Engine fulfills all the requirements of modern production. It really makes your job easier, giving you a full overview while ensuring you remain flexible, regardless of batch size.

    FK-ONE is the perfect tool for managing the daily production of each machine, while also taking delivery dates into account. This presentation focuses on the requirements that a modern production control system must meet today. We will look at how production control with FK-ONE works and what you need to use it.

    Daniel Carreño Torres

    Daniel Carreño Torres
    Sales Manager

    +49 241 - 18 202 - 415
  • Recycled rubber – seizing opportunities in a growing market

    Andrea Pitto from tire recycling specialist Salvadori S.A. and Luc Schifflers from Fecken-Kirfel will take you on a journey from the old tire to the ELT (End-of-Life Tires) granulate, the large blocks and cylinders made of composite chip rubber, right through to the finished product.

    Ecologically sensible and economically successful activities go hand in hand when processing old tires and manufacturing innovative products from ELT granulate.

    The raw material - tires at the end of their life cycle - are collected and processed almost everywhere in the world. There are many technical options for processing, and each process step offers interesting, innovative value-added potential. Find out about the impressive possibilities for splitting, peeling and profiling.

    Salvadori will show you how to produce larger, heavier blocks and cylinders, while Fecken-Kirfel will present splitting, peeling and convoluting processes for these heavier materials.

    Luc Schifflers

    Luc Schifflers
    Sales Manager - Fecken-Kirfel

    +49 241 - 18 202 – 418
    Andrea Pitto

    Andrea Pitto
    Sales Manager - Salvadori

  • Contour parts – how to choose the right cutting solution for each material

    The choice of cutting tool is crucial for the quality and efficiency of the production process. Learn more about the right choice for your material.

    Depending on the hardness of your foam, we have to select the right cutting tool and find a compromise between speed, cutting time and accuracy, as well as potential dust creation.

    Thanks to many years of experience and continuous development in horizontal contour cutting, Fecken-Kirfel offers three different cutting technologies:

    • The C 58 cuts harder materials with a continuous abrasive wire
    • The C 68 / C 69 features an oscillating tooth knife for creating contours with sharp edges or small radii with low tolerances
    • The C 66 / C 67 with continuous bandknife is your tool of choice for fast processing on common materials

    Explore the possibilities and discover how to choose the right cutting technology for your needs

  • From batch size 1 to mass production – efficient and flexible production with the C67

    You know the C 67 as a horizontal CNC contour cutting center with an outstanding level of accuracy and a fast cutting speed.

    None of our cutting centers better reflects the slogan of our anniversary year “Tradition, Innovation, Future”. We have continuously developed the C 67 since the 1970s. Join this presentation and learn about the latest steps of development:

    The ideal system for the production of small series

    • Automatic separation and unloading of single mattresses or sheets from the remaining block

    The perfect solution for the production of large series

    • C 67 in working width 3400 mm, simultaneous production of 3x 900 mm / 2x 1400 mm / 2x 1600 mm, while keeping the usual accuracy.

    Both systems can be easily integrated in an automatic cutting line.

    New opportunities for mass production and custom manufacturing.